At first, my sister and I created Lackky.com to share photos and video of my dog whose name is Lackky. After that we saw many people from different parts of the world  visited our website that made us decide to add more features for the pet lovers who visited our website.

Added Features

Pet lovers can share now share the joy of having a pet through Lackky. Our website is now a social network that allows people to upload pictures of their adorable pets that they keep indoors or even outdoors.

Lackky works like Instagram, It allows users to share photos and videos of their puppie, cute kitties, birds, horsed and other pets. However, Lackky has some differences with Instagram.

Firstly, it is a website so users do not need to install an application on their cell phones or on their computers to have access. Secondly, Lackky is specifically for cute pictures of pets and farm animals such as funny pictures of the pets doing tricks, dressed pet photos, pet socks, pet and owner selfies, and so on.

Currently Lackky‘s services include only identifying the dogs’ breed and their unique characteristics, we hope in the near future we will be able to add more features and services for cats and other animals, with your help.

Souvenir photograph and Video

If you have not pet photography skills, we have provided services for pet photograph you just send the photos through this e-mail address: hello@lackky.com we will contact you shortly.

If you would like to share a video of your pet, you can access via the following urls,  we support the various video platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, Google …

We promise you won’t be disappointed with Lackky, hosting the best memories of your pet !!!

My dog is waiting for me

As a pet owner you surely know how hard it is to leave my dog, but I need to earn some money to help my family right now, that’s why I need to work hard to gain enough money and go back home.